UK visa policy updates for Pakistani students.

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According to the latest updates UK visa policy for Pakistan has been changed last year, but I don’t know anything about it. I want to take admission for my advance education, but before finalizing this I need to know few updates regarding these changes. My friend told me that these policies are not in favor to spend much amount for education in UK. Please let me know few updates regarding these changes. Thanks!

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    Yes, there were some changes made last year regarding UK visa policy for Pakistani students. There were many cases where UK Embassy took more than six months to complete the process. On top of that the visa would be give to an applicant with the PBS system. The second major change in student visa is, you are allowable to stay in UK for the study time period. From now they aren’t allowing anyone to do any kind of job as they have promised to give work permit for those who apply for education in UK universities. But this year the British Government has announced a special visa that allows international students to work in the UK for two years, who has graduated from British University.

    A part of these changes the criteria has been changed for those students who can’t speak English at the advance level. The sponsorships requirement is also upgraded, An applicant has to obtain licensed sponsor to apply for study visa in UK and there would be a tag operations on a student who actually came to the studies and working illegally.

    These are changes in the UK student visa, if you have multiple queries relating to student visa you can post your comment, I would feel an honor to respond to queries related to UK student visa program.

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