U.S. scientists astonished by N. Korean atomic facility.

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U.S. scientists astonished by N. Korean atomic facility. What is the story of the news? Someone tell me the details please.

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    The facility was so clean that the North Koreans asked Siegfried Hecker to stomp his feet before he ascended the polished granite steps. He had to get all the dirt off his shoes. Hecker had seen the chief technical officer on previous trips to Yongbyon. But never had he beamed with such pride. The new facility was not Soviet-like at all but was so modern that it could easily be in the United States. But the officer also told Hecker, a Stanford University scientist, that he didn't want to show off the facility. His superiors had ordered him to show it to the Americans. Hecker and his colleagues hurried around the place, around busy operators and flashing monitors, with paper and pen in hand, scribbling furiously. How often are Americans invited into a North Korean nuclear facility? Hecker's jaw dropped. "I said: 'Oh my God, they actually did what they said they were going to do.' "

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