Tyres. <br>A tyre on my car Volvo burst i replaced the wheel with the spare which immediately

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A tire on my car Volvo burst I replaced the wheel with the spare which immediately burst when pulling off. Can problems with a car cause this rather than issues with the tires? I was in a hurry and this made me really surprised to see the burst in my both tires. I am worried about the problem and want to fix it as soon as possible. Do you have any expertise in this field? Can you tell me the real source of the problem? Is it the car or the tires? I would be really great full for some experts opinions. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Hi there, I do not think the condition of your car would cause a tire to burst all depends what is wrong with it. If you have not used the spare before and placed the tire on it most of them have low air pressure and not checked since they are in the spare tire area for quite some time, Or the tires could have something wrong with them like it rotten or have a bulge on the sidewall which will blow in a hurry.
    First thing you should do is to go look for some good mechanic and get the tires check by him. I am sure the problem is with the tires not the car. Ones the problem got diagnose then get the new tires and replace the old ones. I hope this would help you in this problem. All the best


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