Twyla Tharp and her style

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I have my question about my assignment. I am doing a report for school on Twyla Tharp. In my paper, the main focus is supposed to be on style and technique and any other characteristics about Twyla Tharp that distinguish her from her peers. I was wondering if you, someone who has seen hopefully a few of her performances, guide me back and tell me a little about her style and anything you find interesting about her.

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  1. Harry

    Twyla Tharp, born July 1, 1941, has been and still remains one of dance's most celebrated and important choreographers. Tharp was something of an early achiever initially studying music as a child then a variety of dance forms including ballet, tap, modern, jazz, and etc. She got her degree in art history from Barnard College in the New York City and danced a season with Paul Taylor Company. However, Tharp has always been more interested in choreography than in performing others and soon started working on her own. Tharp's early career stressed a post-modern aesthetic though she missed the initial, influential Judson Church outburst by only a year or two. Her first choreography performed to an audience of only 12 was in 1965 and the entire evening dance was over in 4 minutes. Interestingly, despite the background in post-modern aesthetic, the trajectory of her career seems to have been tied with the very antithesis of the post-moderns, ballet. The dances for which she is most known for now are what many dancegoers call, Crossover Ballet, the dances created by modern dance choreographer for ballet dancers. The Joffrey Ballet has always been something of a champion of this idea and Tharp made dance history when she accepted a commission by the famous Joffrey Ballet and the result was Deuce Coup in 1973 set to14 tunes by the Beach Boys.

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