Titles of two older movies.

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I have been racking my brain over the titles of two movies. The first was a Disney movie and took place in WWII. German prisoners were housed at the castle and the movie had a boy bombing a German boat or sub from a glider. The second was possibly a lee Marvin film, set in the pacific with Japanese occupation of the Island. I remember the male lead being drunk and singing I have got a lovely bunch of coconuts while tossing Molotov cocktails at a Japanese tank. Do you know the name of these movies? Someone please help me finding the name of these movies. I would be really great full to you for this favor.

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  1. Guest23282224

    Hi there: Sorry I tried a lot to find the movies with the description of plots mentioned by you but did not find the exact title. I can do one thing to give you the links of list includes all Walt Disney pictures in it. There you can find your pictures.

    Go to this page to see a list of Disney non-animated movies.

    this page is supposed to be,

    The Quintessential List of Disney Movies

    Hope you can find it in there.

    This next page is Lee Marvin's bio page. It lists most, if not all of his movies.

    Copy and paste those address and go search them.

    If you don't find them in those sites, write me back, and I will try to search more.

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