Truck tires, PSI and rubber peeling of Dodge Ram.

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QUESTION: This is sort of a two part question. I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4x4 quad cab short bed with 2 year old tires with about 40k miles BF Goodrich Rugged Trail T/A tires LT265 70 17 Load Range E. They show a MAX psi of 80. My truck door panel says 60 psi for front and 70 for the back. This makes my front tires took almost flat. The sidewalls look like they are almost touching the ground as well as the tread. They just bulge way out over the treads, it doesnt seem right to me. Here is my two part question:
a) Is this psi correct and should the tires look like they are going flat?
b) If this psi isnt correct and is too low can it cause the rubber on the sidewalls to peel and flake off? I ask because my two front tires have black rubber squares missing off the sidewall between the tread and the letters. I can see the under layer of white. This worries me so I am having them replaced but the tires otherwise have great tread so I feel like I did not get the life I could have out of these tires.
I do tow a travel trailer a couple times of year but that is it. The TT is 3800 pounds and I use a weight distributing hitch. Pulls with no problem. Mostly though I am not hauling or towing and are doing a lot of highway miles. 200 pounds of passengers and another couple hundred in the bed of luggage and that is it. Got the replacement tires put on today, same size model. Had him put them at 75psi instead of the placards on the front. I like the look and feel of the tire at 75, a firmer ride and the tire looks inflated instead of flat. Is this safe? Will the truck handle as well during adverse conditions and emergent steering? My main concern is safety, I want neither a blowout or bad handling. I could care less about the ride. Better fuel mileage would be good but again safety is my main concern as I have a 3 year old. Thanks!

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  1. Tom Reeds

    75psi is the exact psi I would recommend for the front/rear. Your vehicle will handle better in both adverse conditions and emergency steering. For future reference and safety Caressa ALWAYS use the psi that is molded onto the tire sidewall. Many miles of safe driving to you and the Angel with you.

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