Possible effects of treads while driving

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I and a friend are doing a science fair project on the effects that different treads have on driving on slippery surfaces such as ice. Can you help us? I do not have some reliable information regarding this. Need some good piece of information. I hope you can understand and will provide me comprehensive information.


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  1. John


    Perhaps I can help you, but finding the data to report on will be difficult. But it is not that hard to dig out some useful information. Tire traction testing is an extremely unusual topic, of interest most to tire manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers, and is a complex task to control enough variables to make the data viable.

    But first try looking through Tire Racks web site. Look for the section on Tire Tech. it might be helpful for you.

    Next, my background says that the biggest factor for ice traction is lateral edges, and ice can be of various types, it can be very slippery, glass ice or normal. That can be accomplished using small tread elements and the use of spies. I will be glad to help. Just post back with additional questions. It will be beneficiary for both of us.

    But ice traction is a difficult and complex subject as temperature is extremely difficult to control and when you control it, such as on an ice rink, you do not have typical conditions. It matters a lot on the condition as well.

    I am happy to be of your help.


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