Travel b/w quetta to Karachi a big security risk

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Travel b/w quetta to Karachi a big security risk
Asalamualiakum Tallat sir,
I am a medical student currently living in Karachi for study purpose ,but basically I am frm quetta balochistan.I live with my brother who is also a student Iqra our home is in qta so we used to taravel frm khi to qta quite often. But since past two years we only visited qta twice n that was eid ul fitr.The reduction of this traveling was not because of saving money but because of security reasons.
Last year when my brother was on his to Karachi by night bus, near kalat the bus was stopped by six armed dacoits, everybody in the bus was checked for money, cell phones n everything they had was bro had rs.7000 n laptop.
Because of this incident this time we decided to travel by 2oD.when my bro asked the driver abt the condition the driver told us that during night the buses are on target n during day 2oD.he further said that his company driver was killed the other day for not stopping the car for dacoits.
Further more he said that he would only stop the car once though out the 9hrs journey because he was chased by them the last day near khuzdar.some how we started the journey…
At khuzdar he speed up the car at 150Km/hr bcz according to him it was their area and he again saw them standing on patrol pump waiting for a hunt. I was so frightened n though out the journey I was thinking what if they chase us, would they kill us or kidnap us etc etc….because my cousin’s husband was kidnapped near kalat n demanded for huge amount of money…he was also taveling by 2oD….
Every time we plan to visit quetta we go through a mental trauma. And air traveling is out of reach these days.there are so many of us who are afraid to travel these days….
I request you to do a show on this…you can visit the traveling companies in Karachi, the driver would share their experiences and may be they help to identify the people involved in this….
Quetta Students living in karachi

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