What is Traumatic memories loss experience?

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Hi, I am studying psychology in my college, I got an assignment about Traumatic memories loss experience, could you tell me what it is and what type of help we can provide to those persons who are suffering memory loss due to any trauma?

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  1. kate

    In the field of psychology memory is described as one of the special characteristics of organisms which help in the storing, retaining, and subsequently retrieving of the information. But when an organism experiences a traumatic event, it seriously affects his memories. For instance, trauma might affect his memory for that event, memory of previous or subsequent events, or thoughts in general. Few experience of psychological "trauma are military combat, violent personal attack, natural or human-made disasters, and torture. Many individuals after experiencing trauma developed many psychological mechanisms which help them in managing that trauma. One of helpful mechanism is dissociation in which a sudden change occurs in the conscious state of the person. But on the same time this change will affect the normal connected functions of feeling, identity and memory of the affected person. Such traumas really affect the memory, in order to avoid such feelings traumatized people really work hard and avoid such events and places which have some association with the event, however such type of avoidance can create another sever problem, termed as dissociative amnesia. For the treatment of such traumas many types of therapies are available but the any therapy will be effective only in that case if therapy is used in conventional learning environment.

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