Transcripts and Records at NUS Singapore for graduated students

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I’m writing an article and I came across this bizarre aspiration of Marikina feeling like a little "Singapore" so I need to know Transcripts and Records at NUS Singapore for graduated students.

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    The Registrar prepares, maintains, and permanently retains a record of each student’s academic work. Where relevant, physical files of pertinent documents for each student are maintained up to 5 years following the last date of attendance or last enclosure, whichever is later. The documents are then microfilmed for permanent retention and the physical copies destroyed. The academic transcript is a student’s complete and permanent academic record. It reflects all undergraduate and/or graduate work completed at NUS. Current students may print their examination result slips and unofficial transcripts from myISIS Student Center. However, all official transcripts will be issued only by the Registrar. Official Transcripts are prepared by the Registrar and have the University seal imprinted on it. They are typically accepted for any official transactions such as proof of a degree or applications for admissions to academic programmes or employment. Unofficial Transcripts are printed by students themselves via the self-service online system. Unofficial transcripts are used primarily for the student’s reference and are available only to current students. Unofficial Transcripts do not have the University seal and are not generally accepted for official transactions.

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