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Could you please give me some idea of training exercises for the COMPONENT STEPS that make up Fouette of adage?

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  1. Mitchel

    In order to practice Fouette in adage, first this thing should be kept in mind that it depends on the stability of the supporting side, secondly, on the working position.
    You can improve your Fouette in adage, by taking a class exercise where the students developpe devant, in which you will have to turn a quarter turn to face the wall, moving the supporting heel and thigh to a new turned out position, and the working leg coming forward to its proper second position. You have a choice to either stop here, and move on to develop a la seconde, in which you will have to turn a quarter turn back to devant, or just keep holding the leg up and turn back to devant. These exercises and steps are pretty tough and gaining expertise in this technique, students need to have great strength and stamina. I would advice you to practice this exercise four times on each side, changing sides, so that your supporting side is not exhausted.

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