How to Train Your Feet to Point in Ballet?

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My six year old daughter has a hard time making her feet point properly for En Pointe Ballet.  Her feet simply looks as if they are perfectly straight instead of arched.  She is wondering if there are things she can do to help train her feet to get in shape perfectly.  She has been dancing since she was two, and is getting extremely frustrated.  Thank you!  

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  1. Sash

    Training for en Pointe ballet dancing usually takes years. You daughter is just six and she might not get it perfect right away. Ballerinas who have been doing ballet from the age of two are rarely allowed near a pair of Pointe shoes until at least eleven years of age. So it might be normal for your daughter.
    You can do some simple everyday exercises and techniques that would help your daughter to gradually point her feet for en Pointe ballet dancing.
    - Ask your daughter to do feet pointing exercises whenever she is sitting even when she is eating at the dinner table.
    - Try to pick up a pen or a pencil with her toes while standing, sitting or even when lying down to the floor.
    - She should try to relax her toes when you are pointing her feet, this will allow her feet to gradually relax while in pointing position.
    - She should also practice Pointe ballet with shoes on at home, while carrying some weight to get her feed used to her original weight.

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