Train Wrecks of famous actors/actresses

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Recently I saw something on -- the 54 Worst Celebrity Trainwrecks. It was mainly actors/actresses who have had their careers derailed due to bad decisions, addictions, etc. Yet, it did not go back very far in time. For ex., it did not have Judy Garland & Marilyn Monroe. Who would you include on the list from the 60s & before?

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  1. John

    Hay Jim

    No doubt, there are a lot of famous stars who did some awful mistakes in their lives and derailed their professional career. But there are some top class actress.
    Definitely Marilyn and Judy... probably Fatty Arbuckle... Errol Flynn, for all his daring-do, was a train-wreck off-camera (it is widely accepted that he was the role model for Peter O'Toole's character in \"My Favorite Year\")... John Barrymore was a definite horror story after the age of 50, with his drinking and god-knows-what-else...

    Montgomery Clift, after his accident, went into a bizarre tailspin, combined with alcohol... and, truthfull, although he is one of my idols, and has been forever, Elvis was a textbook case of \"train wreck\" waiting to happen... love the man, love his music, his persona, his coolness, but he was a time bomb waiting to blow, and unfortunately, the fuse ran out far too early... had he gotten the part in Streisand's \"A Star Is Born,\" which he wanted and Col. Parker refused to let him do because he would have been \"second fiddle\" to Barbra, things might have righted themselves...

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