Traditional shopping in Pakistan

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My friend belongs to Pakistan, she is going back for spending her vacations, I want some traditional gift from Pakistan, could you tell me some information about some traditional gifts of Pakistan, thanks.

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  1. kate

     Few traditional gifts of Pakistan are given below:
    • Traditional Bangles : one of the traditional gifts for girl is elegant traditional bangles and it is considered as a perfect gift for bridal, wedding and other functions. These bangles are available in beautiful design and unique color combinations.
    • Traditional Wooden Morter & Pestle: this is another perfect example of Traditional Pakistani Handicraft and it is still used in Pakistan in daily use and gifting.
    • Miniature Dutch Traditional Clog / Shoes Keychain: this is one of beautiful traditional gift in which shoes are embroidered with beautiful colours and represents Pakistan culture.
    • Afghan Silver earrings jewelry: these are the tribal traditional jewelry which is available easily in Pakistan along with earrings necklaces Jewelry boxes Rings Bracelets Lapis Gemstones Rough Cut loose Beads Pendent.
    • Handicrafts : different type of handicraft items like traditional cloths, Traditional Shoes, Famous Pakistani Bengals, Traditional Wedding Suits, Slat Lamps are available in Pakistan and used for gifts.

    • Blue Pottery: It is one of traditional gift of Pakistan and considered as one of astonishing craft that has become an art type in Pakistan and numerous special jars and jugs which are artistically design are available here.
    • Traditional Bamboo Pakistani Cane Hand Fan and marble Tea Set: these are also traditional gifts of Pakistan, few other crockery items like diner set also available in marble.

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