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Australia is best known for fishing and I need to know the famous sports fishing place in the country. Any ideas?

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  1. Australia Guide
    Australia is a fishing paradise and sport fishing is also an interesting pattern of fishing practiced there. There are a number of places where you can enjoy sport fishing in Australia. Among those Darwin is the nest among the lot. It is a place specially blessed with goodness of all the things that an awesome holiday destination needs to possess. Darwin is undoubtedly the best place for sport fishing. If you are planning for sport fishing in Darwin and is willing to barramundi, then go for full day fishing. Your fishing trip will be complete if you go for fishing in Darwin for about one week. The fun will be the highest when you will be catching a Spanish mackerel. The fish gives you a tough fight and that’s why it is more fun in catching the wealth. Try and stay for a longer period in the place as the sport fishing for short duration will not make you happy.

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