Top seven golf clubs in South Australia.

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Golfing is popular in Australia. Can I get the names of the best 7 golf clubs of South Australia?

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. Australia Guide
    Bring your clubs with you as you travel throughout South Australia, and take the time to play a round of golf on one of Yorke Peninsula's many golf courses. With golf courses located throughout the region, there's a course for everyone; from coastal links with sea views over the Gulf, to courses that surround country towns. Some of the best golf clubs in South Australia are: 1. Minlaton Golf Club 2. Edithburgh Golf Club 3. Wallaroo Golf Club 4. Ardrossan Golf Club 5. Moonta Golf Club 6. Wool Bay Golf Club 7. Maitland Golf Club The townships of Minlaton, Stansbury, Curramulka, Bute, Port Victoria, Yorketown, and Port Vincent also have golf clubs and courses which welcome visitors to play a round.

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