Top airlines of Philippines

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Philippines airlines are well known in the world. Can someone please tell me the some famous airlines of Philippine?

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    Philippines airlines are well known in the world. They provide the best facilities to their passengers. These airlines have an Air Operator Certificate which is issued by the Air Transportation Office. Here is the list of some famous airlines of Philippines: • 2GO • Air Link International Airways • Airphil Express • Asia Overnight Express • A Soriano Aviation • Cebu Pacific • Corporate Air • Cyclone Airways • Interisland Airlines • Island Transvoyager Inc • Laoag Air • Mosphil Aero • Pacificair • Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines • Pacific Pearl Airways • Philippine Airlines • South East Asian Airlines • South Phoenix Airlines • Spirit of Manila • Subic Air • Subic Seaplane • TransGlobal Airways • Zest Airways

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