Top Hotels in Coffs Harbour, Australia

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Which hotels are among the famous ones in the Coffs Harbour of Australia? Please list the cheapest ones here thanks.

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  1. Australia Guide
    Coffs Harbour is a coastal city located on the north coast of New South Wales about 540 km north of Sydney, 385 km north of Newcastle, and 440 km south of Brisbane. The region has a wintertime population of over 70,000 people that swells to 100,000 in the holiday seasons. The surrounding region is dominated by coastal resorts and apartments with hinterland hills and mountains covered by forests, banana plantations, and other farms. It is the only place in New South Wales where the Great Dividing Range meets the Pacific Ocean. Some of the best hotel and resorts include: • Aussitel Backpackers • Bonville Lodge Luxury Bed and Breakfast • Comfort Inn Big Windmill • Barracuda Backpackers • Best Western Parkside Motor Inn • Opal Cove Resort • Novotel Coffs Harbour Pacific Bay Resort

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