Can a 22 year old resume Ballet dancing?

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Hello! I am Nina and I am 22 years old. I used to take ballet lessons a few years ago - to be more specific around 8 years ago - and had to stop during to lack of time. Now I would like to continue and I was wondering if you think I am too old to do so. I would also appreciate it if you could recommend a balanced diet which would be suitable for my age and my needs.
Thank you in advance!!!

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  1. Mitchel

     Dear 22 year old, one is never too old to take a new start. It’s simply fine, if you want to restart your ballet dancing at this age. Age never prevents any one to resume ballet dancing. You just need to enroll in a good adult ballet class, where you can get required ballet training in the supervision of some good teacher.
    I would advise you to access this online source:, as you will find here, a wealth of information on balanced diet. Though the dietary articles available in this online source are not specified for any particular age group, but still this advice is good for almost every other person. You will have to reduce your intake of processed carbohydrates, and will have to shift on the consumption of proteins, fats and lots of greens and salads. You will feel a definite difference in your life with this healthy lifestyle, as ballet dancing will act as a fitness regimen, coupled with healthy eating habits.

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