To talk to Justin Bieber REAL #

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I am Justin's BIGGEST fan I don't care what anyone says. I love him to deaf, and if was to meet him I would just be myself and tell him i love him not for his fame and fourtan. But for him! When I saw his picture i jus was like wow DANGGG he fine!My friend Abby was lik u don't know him do u. I said no but i would like too dang!!!She was like hahah! so please help me out

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  1. Guest28145774


    I love u jb and i hope i can hear u song and my name is sabrina bauer and i am only 15 and i hope we can talk sometime and i love ur songs and i sing ur songs all the time and i just wish i could see u and i hope i can be like u some day i am a big big fan and i just wanted to text u but i know u cant give ur number out so yeah i will talk to you later bye love u .


  2. Guest28118435

    I love you so much JB i am 9 years old and my name is Madelyn I love your songs  snd i love you.

  3. Guest24940085

    hi justin bieber i real like your music

  4. Guest22481380

    hey im your favourite fan i love u

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