Tires shocks/struts effect.

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Hello there, I am looking to put shocks/struts for my tires. But i have no past experience with that and confused with putting those in my car. I do not want them to affect my car tires in anyway. So i am looking for some expert opinion on this issue.Someone tell me that does worn out shocks/struts affect my tires as well? What would you suggest for my car? I would be really great full for this help. Hope you will help me in the best possible way. Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Hey buddy; there are a lot of indicators that you need struts / shocks. Imprecise handling, hitting a bump in the road and the vehicle bounces afterwards, etc. The test I use is to jump on the bumper, then jump off. If the car does more than one bounce, then shocks are probably needed. You should go to some good mechanic and get them replaced by. Put some good quality shocks in your car and make sure you would check them properly.

    Tire wear can be affected by poor performing shocks. Cupping is what the wear pattern is called, but sometimes cupping is mistakenly used when irregular wear is technically the correct term. And that is caused by misalignment and aggravated by insufficient inflation pressure and insufficient tire rotation. Check for the proper alignment and aggravate and never get your car check by some inexperienced mechanic. Always go for some good and experience guy. Hope this will make things clear in your mind and you will make a good choice now. Best of luck.

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