Tires for my Grand AM SE

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Recently, I bought 4 new tires for my AM SE. the tire size are 205/55/R16 for my grand AM SE, it calls for 225/50/R16, will these work for me. I do not have enough knowledge about tires, and want to have some sort of good information.

I hope you will provide me some useful information regarding tire issue.


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  1. John


    Do not worry, if you have less information about tires, than I am here to help you out. Let me clear you mind. As you told me about the tire size, keep in your mind that these are smaller both in diameter and in load carrying capacity. So how you can put these tires in your Grand AM SE?

    I would suggest you to get tires of the proper size, as it matters a lot and affects the speed and alignment of your car as well. So be sure what you are going to buy for your car. I am happy that you consider me to provide you some useful info regarding this issue.

    However, if you are stuck with those – You will want to use 4 PSI more than what the vehicle placard says. I think the placard will say 30 psi. This is something you will have to be diligent about since overloaded tire failures can have tragic results. I hope you get the right information now, and you will look into my suggestions. I am happy to be of your help.


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