Tires for 77 Chrysler.

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I am trying to make a 1977 Chrysler Cordoba look sharp. A "motorhead" in CA told me that the 100% perfect application is the Cragar S/S 15 X 7 mags with the BFGoodrich T/A Radial tires 245/60/15. So - on blind faith all this has been ordered! Nobody can tell me for certain that any of this will fit! Those 245s sure look wide but I would hate to chicken out and go down to 225. Do you have any idea what they were doing in 77 and if this stuff will fit? Also, it is hard to come across the Goodrich tires, but I can get some Dunlop G/T Qualifiers as I recall, they were around and just as popular. Which brand would you recommend me for this car? Someone please share your expertise here with me. I would really appreciate the favor. Thanks in advance for the time.

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    Hi there, I am Trying to move to a 245 series tire is really pushing it to be honest with you since it is 2 times taller than the original size. It is not that hard to get a hold of some Goodrich tires depending what kind you want in the performance you expect in a tire like that.

    Go to this site for your tire size on bf Goodrich and they will show you what they have and see if that is what you are looking for That is all I can help you here in this problem. I hope you will find the right choice form this website. Best of luck


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