Tires for 2003 Honda Odessey.

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Currently my van has 50400 miles on it and it is fitted with the Michelin Symmetry tire. This is the second set of tires on my vehicle. I replaced the 1st pair on partial warranty at 25,000 miles and the 2nd pair also on partial warranty at 35,000 miles. The 1st pair is currently on the back and wearing down fast with replacement just around the corner. Called my warranty replacement tire store and they suggested I get out of the Symmetry altogether and go with the Michelin Harmony, replacing all four tires now. I also checked with Wal-mart and they suggest the Goodyear Viva II. Wal-mart also wondered why I have already gone through almost 2 sets of tires at only 50,400 miles. They thought that my alignment might be off and possibly also problems with the struts. (Side note-I have been very vigilant about rotating my tires every 5000 miles.) What is your opinion on the two different tires and also on a possible alignment problem? Someone please suggest something for me in this situation. Thanks in advance

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    Hey there: The Symmetry and the Harmony are almost the same tires. Both have had problems with wearing on the outside edges. I would go with the Sears Michelin weather wise or the BF Goodrich touring T/A. Bridgestone makes a good touring tire too. I would stay away from the Goodyear tire it has bad traction and wear. I hope now you can make a good choice. Best of luck with this.

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