Tyres for my Toyota Highlander.

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I am looking to replace the P225-70-16 tires on my 2002 Highlander. I use the car almost exclusively on the road, and dont normally haul anything very heavy. i see recommendations for Light Truck / SUV tires in this size, and i also see recommendations for passenger ("P") tires as well. Any pros and cons i should know about between having SUV tires vs. Passenger tires? I am most interested in having safe tires that ride smooth and quiet.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The best fit for your Toyota will be the specifications which are written on the side body of your car. There is always something unique and special about Toyota vehicles and to obtain best and maximum performance for this vehicle it is advised that the tyres recommended recommended by the company should be used. Toyota is the biggest automaker in the world . It has set some standards which need to be meet in order to comply with its performance. The tyres you are using with your Toyota vehicle should be checked from the dealer nearby and in case of replacement needed, replace them immediately.
    According to Toyota specification there are following standards which are set in order to meet the specifications of and the best performance of tyres. The size , the speed at which you are driving the car, the load which you are putting on the vehicle. The temperature on which the tyre is running.
    Here are some of the recommended tyres for your Toyota vehicles. Which are Goodyear Fortera Triple Tred, Avon Ranger TSE, Bridgestone Dueler Alenza, Continental CrossContact LX, Michelin LTX M/S, Yokohama Geolander, Michellin Cross Terrain, Firestone Destiantion, Pirelli Scorpion, Goodrich Radial, Goodyear Radial. The best fit specification for Highlander is P255/70R16.

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