Tires for 02 Odyssey.

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I recently purchased a set of Turanza LS-Ts for my van. They ride great until you reach 70 mph, then the road noise is very loud. I have a 30 day trial and am considering trying the Michelin Harmony. The tread pattern looks similar and I wonder if they will be as loud? Should I spend the extra $100 and get the Michelins. The Harmony has a 30 day trial as well. I live in Houston with lots of rain, so wet handling is important. I am looking for some suggestion from the experts. Someone out there please help me with this. I would really appreciate the favor.

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  1. ZZ

    I understand your problem, that sound is really irritating and affect the smoothness of the drive. This noise is caused when the tread pattern is not closely bind. Michelin are the best tires around the world with out any sort of doubt and they help you with such problems.
    Now you mentioned that the tread pattern is the same as it is in the current tires with the car. But Michelin grantee you with such issues. You need not worry about the noise issue as it won't happen when you will use the Michelin.

  2. Guest23296142

     Michelin wud be better for a van i guess, coz as the van has greater loads of passengers, michelin wud be good for grip and performance...if u wud have talked about a normal luxury sedan both tyres wud be great but in this odyssey i would suggest michelin is good....

  3. Guest23296098

    Hello there, I would try the Michelins. Michelin takes great pride in producing a tire with a superior ride, handling and noise. If you look close at the tread pattern you will see the Michelin tread blocks are different sizes. This breaks up the harmonics the tire produces at higher speeds and makes for a quitter ride. This is what I have experienced and suggests you to go with. Take a 30 days trial and still you fell no difference then consult to some good mechanic for the alignment and balancing of the tires. I hope you have got what you are looking for. Best of luck.


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