Tires and suspension issues.

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During one the recent hurricanes in Florida a 200 year old tree fell on my Toyota Corolla. It is full of dents but the roof did not collapse. While the tree was on the car there was so much weight that all of the tires were flat. I have been concerned about the tires and suspension. I have had friends who know more about cars that I do and my brother who is an engineer tell me that certain parts of the suspension should be replaced as well as the tires due to the amount of weight on my car for 3 days. I was told that the weight on the car would later cause the walls of the tires to be weakened and later bubble and they could blow out. My insurance company insists that this is not the case.
Now they are telling me that my tires are cubing and I do not know what that is. What is cubing? Could this have been the result of the tree on the car? Please tell me what is correct. In an additional note, they are telling me the tires are cubing due to the car being out of alignment, could not this have been from the tree on the car?

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    Hello there, I think you mean "cupping", and yes, this might be due to misalignment also bad shocks both of which could be due to the tree. Certainly, replacing the tires is called for. They were never designed to hold the load a tree (and vehicle) can apply. You should get the new tires and check the suspension from a good mechanic.


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