Tire tread wear of my SUV.

by Guest1365  |  14 years ago

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I recently went shopping for a used suv, i found one that fits my budget but the two front tires had some wear on the outer sidewalls. My mechanic says that its due to a problem with the steering column and that the vehicle was probably in an accident. Is this plausible?

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  1. Guest25005226

    I agree with the Tom there is something wrong with the vehicles. Look in the grooves between tire tread for raised patches of rubber, called wear bars. These 2/32-inch tall patches will help you identify a worn out tire.


  2. Tom Reeds

    If your tires are wearing out then this definitely means that there is something wrong with you vehicles suspension. There can be multiple reasons for that, first of all the main cause of this problem can be of poor alignment of your vehicle. After sometimes due to travelling on a harsh and bumpy road, or during driving sometimes hitting a bump at a high speed can cause the alignment problem. This will result in moving both the tires in different directions as a result the movement of the vehicle suffers as well as there is also an improper friction of the tyre with the road causing it to tear down from one side more than the other side.
    There can be another reason also that as you have purchased a used vehicle so it might be an accidented vehicle as a result there are some problems with the car foundations and its rack ends are not in an aligned form so as a result the tyres also move irregularly. But both of these problems are solvable and in case of alignment , it can done very easily from a proper technician and the other foundation problems can also be repaired by a proper mechanic.

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