Tire size for 2007 Lucerne CXS

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Evidently only a few manufacturers make 245/50/18 tires for this car; ordering new car, previously excellent experience with Michelin, but not available in this size. Do not know what factory installs. Do you have any recommendations? Please help me out and sole my query. I hope you will give me some good piece of information related to tire size for 2007 Lucerne CXS.


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  1. John


    I would go with what comes on the car. Let me clear you one thing that these tires were designed per the vehicle manufacturers specifications, so it would be best to see how they work. So it means there must be a certain design for your car, as per specifications of the manufacturer. You need to find out the manufacturing company which exclusively deals with Lucerne CXS. Otherwise there is no option left for you right now.

    If you are unhappy with them, the Buick dealer should handle whatever the situation is. This is the best way to deal with this issue. I did the same when I was in a search of new tires for one of my car. Otherwise there is no need to worry about it.

    Stop worrying and be patient just do what I have told you, Buick dealer is the best option in this regard. I guess there is no other option than the Buick dealer. So go for it and I am sure you will find the solution to your problem. I hope you can get it there.


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