Tire size change and impact on car

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I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey that has an original tire size of P22560R16 and a 98T rating. Based on a retailers recommendation, I have just put on new tires and switched to P21565R16 with the same 98T rating. I am confused now, why I did that, as still I have no answer. Tell me clearly, are there any risks or advantages and disadvantages to this tire size change, and should I request the OE tire size be put back on? I am still within my 30day free trial. Tell me what to do now, I am in a great need of your professional opinion about tires.

What you say, I want to know your valued opinion about this issue. Help me and share you knowledge.

Thank you

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  1. Carlos Garrison

    Well I do not have much idea about that. That's why I make a little concern with my friend about this topic who is a mechanic at tiremaina auto repair shop at Tampa via their site He told me that there is not worrying thing about the tire size. Because there are variety of tires having same size but different labels. But you should make sure that tire will be fit with your car wheel.

  2. John

    Hi there

    No need to worry about it. For practical purposes these 2 different sizes are interchangeable. In fact there are some tire manufacturers produce the same tire and label the tire with the different sizes. You will find more difference in performance between brands than this size change can produce.

    If you are brand conscious, than do not be as there is no such difference when it comes to quality of the tires. Still have some sort of confusion in your mind about advantages or disadvantages of the tires than do consult me again. I am always here to be of your useful help. let me know if you are not satisfied yet.


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