Tire rotation on a dually

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I can find all kinds of answers to this on the internet, but I would like to know the proper way to rotate all six tires on a dually to get the maximum life and proper wear. I have a craze to know more about tire types and their unique rotation. I hope you can understand and will provide some good piece of info regarding tire rotation on dually. Please answer me as soon as possible.


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  1. John


    I hope you can easily understand the tire rotation through this chart. In fact I have mentioned nearly all types and specifications. Read it carefully and make an assessment.

    Possible Rotation for rear & 4 wheels drive vehicles.

    (Front wheel is different)

    LF to LRO

    LRO to LRI

    LRI to LF

    RF to RRO

    RRO to RRI

    RRI to RF

    Front wheel.

    LF to RF

    LRO to RRO

    LRI to RRI

    RF to LF

    RRO to LRO

    RRI to LRI

    now this is the prefer way.

    LF = Left Front

    RF = Right Front

    LR = Left Rear

    LRI = Left Rear Inside

    LRO = Left Rear Outside

    RR = Right Rear

    RRI = Right Rear Inside

    RRO = Right Rear Outside
    I hope you got the necessary info now, if you still have something in your mind which is confusing you, than please consult me again. I will provide you the comprehensive information regarding that topic.
    I am happy to be of your help


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