Tire pressures and load capacities

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My truck placard recommends 60 PSI with these tires what would the load rating be at 60 PSI? Which should I follow the placard at 60 PSI or the tire at 80 PSI? any idea which could be helpful for me?


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  1. John


    Follow the placard inflation.

    I hesitate to provide for you the load carrying capacity at the lower pressure, because this is the type of thing that is supposed to be used for design purposes and is easily misinterpreted


    at 60 psi an LT235/85R16 has a maximum load carrying capacity of 2260 # (dual) and 2495# (single).

    Please be aware that this does not mean you can actually load the tire to this level without other considerations. There are other constraints as well, that is why the vehicle manufacturer spends a lot of time considering what tire size and inflation pressure is specified on the placard.

    In this case - if you are interested in how much load your truck can carry - you should consult the vehicle manufacturer. They publish a payload value for each pickup truck and the pressure specified on the placard not only is factored to consider the load in the bed of the pickup, but also applicable factors to ensure a safe operation under a wide variety of driving conditions, including the way the vehicle handles with that load.

    I guess you have got the answer now, but still want to know more than feel free to consult me.


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