Tire pressure - tire rating vs. owner's manual.

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What type of tyres will be suitable for my bike? I ride a motorbike and the owners manual recommends max 32 PSI for the front (stock) tire. I bought a replacement tire (different brand)which recommends max 41 PSI. Should I go by the manual tire pressure rating or the tire rating ?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are different specifications of tyres for bikes of different types. For example if you a have a heavy bike then the tyre specifications are different, like they normally they are 120/70ZR17 for the tubeless for the front tyre and for the rear tyre its 190/50ZR17 for the tubeless.
    Bridgestone BT56 J Specs is the recommended tyre for some bikes and they are fit in well. Another good tyre from the Bridgestone is BT 010 Battlax, Dunlop D207 is also very much popular choice for these type of bikes. Dunlop 208 can be fitted according to the specification. Another good known tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport. If you are looking for long life tyres then Bridgestone BT56 J-specs are the best ones. And it you are looking for tyres for handling then Pirelli Diablo will be the best fit for you.
    Now as you are having trouble with the tire pressure, then it is always recommended that you follow the instruction of the manual of the bike or the vehicle you are using, because they always specify a proper tyre size according to the requirement of the vehicle, but if you use any other tyre apart from the specifications of the recommendation by the vehicle manufacture company then you should follow the psi number according to the type of tyre you are using.

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