Tire Size for Vintage Car.

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I have a 1968 Pontiac Tempest Custom convertible that I want to change the tire size on (due to tire rubbing on front fender when I make turns). The front tires seem to be slightly oversized. I currently have older Uniroyal Tiger Paw (205/75 R15) tires on the car. The rims are new American Racing Wheels Torque Thrust II 15x7 rims. The clearance on the rear tires is fine but I want to put a wider tire on the rear. I would like to put tires on the front that are about a half inch less in diameter than the ones that are currently on the car (this will keep the front tire from rubbing on the fender when I make turns). I would like to install BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires on the car. Can you recommend the proper tire sizes for the front and rear? I want the rear tires to be wider than the front but not so wide that they would not fit. I was thinking maybe a 60 tire for the rear. Please share some expert opinion on this here. Thanks in advance.

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    Hey there; A 1968 Tempest came with 7.75-14's on 6\" rims inflated to 24 psi front / 28 psi rear. A P205/70R15 inflated to 32 psi carries the front load and fits on a 7\" rim (barely). A 225/60R15 inflated to 34 is adequate for the rear as well. You should make this choice for your vehicle. Hope I have gave you what you want. Best of luck


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