Choice of tires for 98 Toyota 4-Runner.

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I have a 98 Toyota 4-Runner and I am in need of new tires (165, 70). My budget is extremely tight right now. I have seen them advertised for between $120 and $150 for standard tires (40,000 mile warranty, I believe). I am really confused with this and want some suggestions from experts. Can you recommend a website, or facility that could save me substantial money on new tires? Can you share your personal opinion on this? I would be really great full for the help you provide here. Thanks in advance for the help.

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  1. Automobile Guru

    First off, you have your tire size wrong. A 165-70 is a Toyota tercel passenger tire. A 4 runner has 16 inch tires that are between $100-150 a piece depending on what brand you want. Michelin is the most popular. I would suggest you looking into private label tires if your budget is thin. Try Goodyear, Tire Rack, etc. Let me list down some of the best companies for here which comes in to your budget.
    Petlas, Starmaxx
    Agom, Courier, Metzeler, Pirelli
    DoubleCoin, Warrior
    TyRex, Uralshina, Voltyre
    Silverstone by Toyo Tires
    Sao Vang Rubber JSC
    Goodyear (Japan), Sumitomo
    Triangle Group
    Nitto, Toyo
    Continental (farm tires), Goodyear (farm tires), Titan
    Mohawk, Yokohama
    You can choose one of above mentioned companies for your car. Just find the one in your near location and get the new tires. Hope this would help you. All the best


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