Tire Pressure Sensors working.

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On some newer model cars, there is a dashboard warning about low tire pressure. Yet, there is nothing obvious on the tire that senses the pressure. I am looking to know the working of a pressure sensor of new cars which sense the low pressure of tires and indicate it on dashboard. I have asked some friends but they did not explain it to me. I have searched on web but did not understand the technical language of it. Can you explain it to me in simple words? I am really looking forward for this help from your side. Thanks in advance for the time.

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    Hi there, These new model cars that have the tire pressure sensors are located under the valve stem inside the rims, Be careful if you want to check one to see because it is bad or the batteries are going bad or you will easily break it and they cost almost between $28.00-75.00 single piece to replace. The sensor monitors the air pressure since half of the drivers today does not check there tire pressure and that is why there is a lot of tires worn out due to under inflations and General Motors brought out that idea. I think I have explained a lot to understand the working of a pressure sensor of cars and I hope you have the idea of its working now. All I can say now is best of luck and do not try to open it at your own.


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