Tire Conversion on Toyota Tacoma.

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Recently purchased a 1998 Toyota Tacoma Ext Cab 4x4 and would like to replace the tires. It has Yokohoma Geolander A/T 31x10.5 tires on it now. Is there a conversion to metric for this size? How would I determine if a MICHELIN LTX M/S, 245/65/17, or any other size, would fit on the rim? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Tom Reeds

    You should check your vehicle placard to see what tire size came originally. The location of the placard in on the doorstep of vehicle. My book says that many 1998 Tacoma's came with 31X10.50R15LT's and since they are quite popular, it's probably best to stay with that size. You'll find many affordable tires in that size, and converting to metric isn't going to help you in that department.
    Some other best tyres for Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks are General Grabber HTS. They are very less expensive tyres and you can buy them for your pickup or SUV. They are also very suitable for the SUVs. No other tyre currently present is a better fit for the pickup on dry roads than this one, the critics also say that it is quiet comfortable.
    Another good less expensive tyre is Pirelli Scorpion ATR and it handles very good on the road as compared to the rough terrain. It also performs very well in dirt, hills, muds and it is the choice of most of the drivers. Firestone Destination is another choice for the pickup owners. Although they are less expensive but they are more practical tyres. They are available in normal sizes.

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