Tire Comfort ride for my Chrysler Concorde.

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I currently have tyres installed of size 255/55R17 on my Chrysler Concorde of the year 2003. My car has so far done 20,000 miles, but due to harsh ride of the car I am planning to replace them and put on tyres for the comfort of my vehicle. What are your recommendation on tyres to make the drive of my vehicle comfortable.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are many tyres which are recommended with the Chrysler Concorde, as you have installed the tyre of size 225/55 R17. The specification is not that bad and it will support your vehicle but still if you are looking for more comfortable tyres for your car, then it is recommended that you choose the specifications for your tyres which are like 205/70/ R16 . The reason here to understand is that the more rubber is on the rim, it will be more comfortable. So the figure in the middle of the specs denotes the rubber on the side of the rim and its length. For tyre to provide comfortable ride, it is advisable that the vertical area of the tyre should be more to provide shock resistance mechanism for the vehicle. Another important point is that avoid using low profile tyres. Although these tyres provide very good handling but they are not good for the comfortable ride.
    As a general rule you want to go to a higher aspect ratio - the second set of numbers. Unfortunately, that makes the tire size a minimum of P215/60R17, which I do not think anyone makes. There is also the problem of clearance, so you'll need to have some look to see how much there is.

    Try a local tire shop and see what they have available.

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