Tips on being a successful project manager

by Kevin  |  11 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Can some one give me some tips on being a successful manager?

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  1. Kevin
    Dear Guest70766: Micromanagment doesnt work all the time. Infact keeping a non stop check on employees makes them get frustrated. The best way to deal with an employee is to deligate a particular task and decide its dead line and then give the employee some space to work. DO NOT mistake this because here i dont mean to imply that you dont have to follow up. By this I mean you dont need to start dancing on thier heads all the time or try to peep into thier monitors to see what they are doing. Accept it.. everyone of us have some relaxing moments as well during the day. Not like we NONSTOP work for full working hours of the day. Its actually good that they take a small break to refersh their minds and its very wrong if we try and judge them for those 5 mins of thier time that we peeped and not found them working. AGAIN! they are your employees. You are not thier teacher and neither they are your students that you ask them to keep a fingure on thier lips while they work. MICROMANAGMENT is the biggest source of employee demotivation. Yes some employees do tend to take advantage of that but that you can see if they dont meet the deadlines. Thats the point where you can see the reasons for low production. Its very important to give employees a breathing space for a healthy office enviorment.

  2. Guest70766
    I agree with all the rest, actually good help! but the last point *dont micro manage, i dont seem to understand! how does that help? employees need to be micro managed to get result. i think keeping a check on ppl helps
  3. Kevin
    Skills and management tactics are both necessary for a successful manager and reaching your project’s goals: *Listen to your people. *Ask lots of questions. *Observe what is going on around you. *Take notes! *Know enough to know when you don’t know everything. *Be available when people need you. *Make decisions when you must, but know which decisions should be deferred to higher authorities. *Delegate what needs to be delegated. (Dont off load- there is a difference between delegating and offloading make sure you just delegate tasks to your employees; don't offload your own work) *Don’t micromanage!

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