Tips on Applying a BDO Bank Account in the Philippines

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I want to open my account in BDO Bank of Philippines. Can someone tell me about it?

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    BDO bank is one of the top banks in Philippines. There are some restrictions to open your account in BDO bank of Philippines. Here are some tips for applying a BDO account in the Philippines: • Decide and go to the branch of your choice. Choose a branch where it will be easy for you to open an account. • Bring all needed requirements for opening a bank account which is listed below. Two (2) recent IDs with your name and photo and 2 photocopies. Most banks accept the following IDs: Driver License, SSS ID, OWWA ID, GSIS ID, Postal ID, PRC ID, Senior Citizen Card and other government ID. The bank requires you to pass a copy of your billing statement which can be credit card bill, telephone bill and utility bill. Two (2) 1×1 ID picture. • Upon arriving at the bank, inform the bank officer that you want to open a bank account. Then, you need to fill-up all application forms that will be given to you. • Pass all requirements and application forms together with the initial deposit for your savings account. Usually, the initial deposit is in the range of P50-P100, 000 depending on the type of account. • Get your bank passbook or ATM card to the branch where you opened an account. The processing may take 5 banking days to be done so return to the bank after 5 days.

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