Tips for a 10 year old to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend

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i am 10 and i am a girl i promise myself that i will get a bf when i go to school because all my friends will most of them have bf's or gf's and i want one too but i need help so plz help me

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  1. Guest28169067
    be mine

  2. Guest28157807
    e-mail me at joemarks550@Gmail com for a girlfriend near Hastings in the south east of the UK
  3. ziesha098

    I think, you need to enjoy life first.

  4. Guest28152480

     I need help too I like a boy but I messed up by writing him a note asking him to be my boyfriend ... still no answer

  5. Guest28146377
    Yes they should its a free world and people decided what they want to do in their lifetime I want a girlfriend my email address is
  6. Guest28107254

    would anybody like to be my boyfriend say I


  7. Guest28105014

    don't try to heard

  8. Guest28082108

     Hi im à 10 year old girl and i need à bf cuz all My friendster have One accept me

    And i fell left out 

  9. AshtonTheHero&Wa...

    my friend victoria says mason,ethan, and ryan sound hot

  10. Guest25003443

    I Like These Boys Named Mason,Ethan,and Ryan.

    Their SO cute I Smile At Them And Mason Smiled Back!!

  11. Guest24980581

    like i have had one before we went on dates and stuff and he never kissed me which im glad cause my dad would kill me he has a gf now but she hates me if i asked him out and if i ask him out what if he says yes!!! but what if he says no then what do you do?!?! so i need help how to win a guy over a girl.... we dated one summer but he broke up with me i don't know why but anyways he still likes me and i know it cause he smacked me in the butt we text each other and call and hang out together so like what do i do if he doesnt actually like me then what WHAT!! i need help if you live close to me which i live in kentucky louisa lawerence county help me....the guy im in love with is peyton arrington hes dating kinsley younge......i want your help contact me i wont give u my number but i will give you my name....katelyn diamond you can search me up on facebook but i dont get on there please help me i need so much help!!!!! Thank You, Sincerley                                                                                                                   Katelyn Diamond Thank you so much!!!!!!:D :) 

  12. Guest24896683

    be yourself

  13. Guest24753387

    FIRST OF ALL , EWWWWWW ! NO  ! you shouldnt get a boyfriend ! Wthex ! im also a 10 year old girl surfing around the internet , but guesss what ? Im NOT looking for a girlfriend ! does ur mother know that you asked this ? No , u shouldn't get a boyfriend until the year of 13 <-------- teeenager time ! and also dont even think about being a pregnant teen at 16 !

  14. Guest23805444

    well on thing u can do is look nice and possibley do your hair. OH AND GET THE GUY YOU LIKE YOUR ATTENTOIN.also find out more things about him and try realate to him and his stories

  15. laura fryer
    than u that realey spock to me i should tell my kids that thank u for posting that
  16. Guest19825763
    NO 10 year old should have a boyfriend or a girlfiend!!! Why are kidz in such a hurry to grow up so fast, being a grown-up sucks just ask your parents!! Live your childhood and have fun! There is much time in this life to have relationships when you're older, enjoy life while you're young, some children never get a chance at a childhood, instead are introduced into adult life at very young ages (teen pregnancy, poverty...) don't ruin yours!!!! OMG 4real!!!

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