Tiny pin-head sized black bugs in window sills. looks like a little circle made out of these tiny

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looks like a little circle made out of these tiny bugs. What are they?

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  1. liza amelia

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  2. Guest27198662

    I have been finding tiny size bugs that size of a pen at my door every day when I get home.  I sweep them up and they still return daily when I get home.  Many of them have no movement. I have also found these same bugs in the cabinet.  Can these be a sign of termites.  I reviewed the pictures, but was really hard to identify.

  3. Mitchel

    Your description of the black bugs is not detailed, and it is pretty difficult to guess the true nature of these bugs. I believe they are pseudoscorpions, or drain flies. You should, contact a plumber, and make sure there is no issue with your drain. As, such insects mostly come from broken drains.

  4. Guest11044505
    We have tiny black spots, though I do not think they are bugs, on our outside patio chairs, cushion box, windows, etc. We cannot figure out what they are. They are almost like a little poppy seed or tree/bush seed. However, we live in a new neighborhood without large trees, shrubs etc. No other neighbors seem to have this problem. It also seems to be contained to our back yard on one side. Please help!!
  5. Arslan Masaud
    They sound like fleas have you an animal in the house if so it will need flea treatment and all bedding will need to be cleaned carpets too even if it wasn't fleas it needs some kind of fumigation or it will spread rapidly thanks

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