How can I get rid Tiny grey-black worms.

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QUESTION: I first found about 3-4 greyish black worms in my bathroom sink. some of them were dead, some alive. i cant stand them...they scare me so much. they are about __ long...sometimes a teensy bit shorter. i dont think they have legs, because they slither. when my sister was later sweeping the floor of my bedroom, she found about 3 or 4 more in the dustpan. just today, i found two more behind my garbage can. i dont know if they're something to really worry about! i am so scared of where i step now because they're so hard to spot! are they fully grown or are they some sort of larvae? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.  

ANSWER: Dear Abhia - Although I cannot provide a definitive diagnosis from your description, I doubt very much that they are anything to be worried about. It would be great if you could take some photos of them for me to examine, but if that is not feasible for you to do, and you live in the United States, please let me know your state of residence, and I should be able to refer you to a more local source for assistance in identification. At this point, I believe that they most likely are the larvae of a fly (if they lack legs of any sort), or possibly a small beetle (if they have legs).
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QUESTION: I wish I had taken a picture, and I certainly would if I could find another one of these insects! However, I haven't seen anymore since...hoping that I don't! I live in New York, if that helps. Thank you for responding so soon. I'm a bit reassured that you don't find this is something to worry about.

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  1. James Augustus
    These are common worms, mostly found in bathrooms. You need proper cleaning of your room and bathroom. Usually, they get in from drain hole. Cover them when they are not in use and always use cleaning agents for cleaning bathroom. In that way you can get rid of these worms.

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