Tiny Black Bugs(size of pin head)

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I have had a situation occur in my bedroom.  Thousands of these tiny black bugs that seem to have no movement, wings or eyes.  They mainly were on my bedspread and around on the carpet near the bed.  I have a dog that stays in the house, and sleeps on the bed, but absolutely nothing is on him.  I vaccumed well and nothing had appeared the next day.  What are they and how did they get in my house?  Did the dog carry them in?  Thank You

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  4. Belita kin

    You've most likely got carpet beetles. Carpet beetles are actually very common in homes, though not often seen in numbers large enough to attract attention. As you might guess from their common name, carpet beetles feed on carpets and other products made from similar materials. They have the unusual ability to digest keratin, the structural proteins in animal or human hair, skin, or fur. In your home, they might be chomping on clothing made of wool or silk, or even feeding on cereals stored in your pantry. They tend to wander from their food source, though, so people usually notice them on walls or floors.

  5. Guest28222277
    what kind of bugs are these tiny black bugs. At times, they appear to be like a small piece of lint from my socks or sweater. But, I was told that they are a from the flea family. Would someone please advise? Thank you.
  6. Mitchel
    <p>Definitely, your dog is the source of these tiny pin head sized black bugs. These bugs are a real menace, its better that you see a vet  and get some pesticide powder for your dog. These bugs bite, and if you get bitten by them you will have really bade sores and horrifying itching. So, its better to take precautionary measures, before its too late.</p>

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