Time Limit for Full & Final Settlement

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Time Limit for Full & Final Settlement

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, Your past employer should settle your dues within a reasonable time unless there is a reason to delay like pending disciplinary action, amounts due from you on account of bond/ notice period pay or loan etc, in which case too your past employer should inform you of the status Reasonable time is the time required for calculation of dues and ascertaining no recovery from you etc and may not extend so long from February 2006 until now i.e. December 2006 i.e. 10 months i would suggest that if your past employer is delaying the matters unreasonably then you should serve a notice on the employer calling upon to settle dues and pay interest fro the date of your relief and also claim compensation for mental agony etc Such notice, if served through a lawyer, would work more effectively as it subtly threatens legal action for further delay, which would induce your past employer to settle your dues quickly.

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