Similarities between Earth and Mars.

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Can anyone tell me about the characteristics of Earth and Mars, is there any similarities between them, can anyone tell me about these similarities?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Earth is the third closest planet to sun if we talk about distance. It is the densest and the fifth largest planet in the solar system. Earth is also referred as World due to the existence of life. There are number of different species which are living on the earth including the humans. It is also the knows astronomical body where the life exists. It came onto surface many billion years ago. Due to the proper physical condition the existence of life has become possible on earth, and scientists believe that it can continue supporting life for 500 million years. Earth has the ability to interact with any other planet on the earth or the moon. There are mineral resources of the planet as well as there are other products which lead to possibility of survival of human beings. There are about 200 independent states and which have multi cultural environment such as travel, trade and military action.
    On the other hand Mars is the fourth planet if we talk about distance from the sun. It is also defined as the Red Planet. There are some chance of survival on Mars as scientists have found some evidence by which we can say that life can be possible in the planet like Mars. Mars is a terrestrial planet within the atmosphere, which has a thin surface and also has the features of earth like Valleys, desert, and polar ice.

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