Things to be fixed up be facebook immediately.

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What are the areas that Facebook needs to fix up at the earliest possible?

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  1. Harry
    <p>I would like to highlight 5 critical problems that Facebook needs to fix immediately: </p> <p>1)- Letting anyone add you to a group, and start sending messages as a default setting. </p> <p>2)- A photo viewer is for viewing pictures, but the pictures are now displayed in a smaller format so you get a poorer experience than before. </p> <p>3) - A user should be able to set privacy for the Place of location as desired.</p> <p>4)- The unknown messages keep coming when a user is comfortable with chatting. </p> <p>5) - Many users who could create customized tabs on their own have been left with obsolete skills so there should be a permission for creating tabs.<br />  </p>

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