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Aluminum casting is the sculpting of aluminum into various shapes by melting and pouring the metal into molds.Cast aluminum objects can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and purposes, through the use of a multitude of mold types,such as valve body casting,gear casting,machiner tool castins,etc.The workability of aluminum makes it ideal for a variety of projects for hobbyists and craftsman alike.

Replica Weapons

The art of metal casting has been practiced for centuries, notably in the production of weaponry.Hobbyists and history enthusiasts can opt for the reproduction of this time-tested method of casting through the creation of weapon replicas made from aluminum.Aiding this project is the availability of pre-made casting patterns designed to imitate historical weapons such as Civil War weapons.


As with weapons, artistic sculpture employing casting is one of the more traditional projects involving aluminum. Sculptures can range in size from small to large, being constructed of single pieces of cast aluminum or a collection of small cast objects.Depending on the casting method used, sculptors can reflect complex designs and details in their casting projects.

Model Parts

Model hobbyists realize the usefulness of casting their own aluminum parts as a money-saving and gratifying practice.A surplus of scrap aluminum can be collected and melted down to create to components to models such as a gearbox for a model submarine.Small, low-tech foundries consisting of a charcoal fire in a hole in the ground can be erected in areas near or around the home.Care should be taken to reduce property damage and injury.

Casting Techniques

Aluminum is a versatile casting metal, having the ability to employ any type of casting process. asting processes include die casting, permanent mold casting, sand casting, continuous casting, investment casting and plaster casting. For large aluminum casting projects,sand casting is often the best choice.However, preparation for sand casting is often more labor-intensive and costly than some other forms of casting.n addition, components cast using the sand casting process need to be cut in half and removed from the sand without damaging the impression left behind.Smaller projects can use other methods depending on the desired quality and cost of the overall project.

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  1. liza amelia

    Casting aluminum is one of the least expensive ways to make metallic objects and with a little clean up work and polishing, the results are stunning and shine like the wings of the old WWII bombers. Cast aluminum melts at a hot but relatively low temperature and is easy to "carve" after you cast it.

  2. liza amelia

    Of the 102 billion aluminum cans manufactured in 1998, 62 million were recycled. Even if your community does not have curbside recycling, you should be able to find a drop-off center nearby where you can take your aluminum to be recycled.

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