There is a fierce competition in crusher market

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Crusher processing of particle size greater than 4.75mm aggregates known as coarse aggregate, commonly known as the stone of gravel and pebbles. Gravel natural rock or rock by mechanical crushing, screening made ??of rock particles of diameter greater than 4.75mm. Construction pebbles, gravel should meet national standards GB / T 14685-2001 'building pebbles, gravel' technical requirements. Wide choice of materials, finished products have to meet the needs of hongxing ore, using the corresponding processing equipment for common materials for construction.

Stone crushing plants can produce to meet the requirements of the stone, to meet a variety of industries, such as highway construction, water conservancy construction. The main raw material from the demolition of old buildings and maintenance, bridge, concrete pavement, new housing in major losses, but also generate construction waste, stone crushing plants, in order to deal with the large amount of construction waste. At present, the rapid development of China's economic construction, a large number of construction site waste discharge period. According to the survey, Dobby building tons of construction waste generated each year millions of construction, most without any treatment, some of which are stacked in the open air, and some of the landfill in the low-lying areas, resulting in environmental pollution and waste of resources. Recycling of construction waste can not only solve the pollution of the environment, but also the rational development and utilization of these resources, can also achieve certain economic benefits. Can also be re-used building materials.

Particle size of 4.75mm or less the aggregate crusher primary crusher, then by the Sand crushing and shaping known as fine aggregate, commonly known as sand. The sand production source is divided into natural sand, artificial sand two categories. Natural sand by natural weathering, water handling and sorting, stacked to form, particle size less than 4.75mm rock particles, but not including soft rock, weathered rock particles. Natural sand river sand, lake sand, mountain sand and desalinated sea sand. Artificial sand by the addition the soil processing mechanisms sand, mixed sand collectively.

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