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I have a question about the movie title Roman holiday by AuAudrey Hepburn. Why is not it Holidays in Rome? What does Roman holiday mean?


Roman holiday means the same thing as Holiday in Rome. It means someone spent their holiday in Rome. If you went to Accupulco for a vacation, when you refer to it, you might say my holiday in accupulco or you might say My Accupulco holiday either would be correct english.

It was not BY Audrey Hepburn, it was STARRING Audrey Hepburn. See. You might say My Roman holiday. As opposed to My Paris holiday, or My London holiday

Thank you very much. I want to ask more. I looked up a dictionary and found out that the Roman holiday has another meaning. That is, Enjoyment or satisfaction derived from observing the suffering of others. Why did William Wyler pick up Roman holiday as a title when it has such a bad meaning? In the movie, Joe asks the princess, where do you live? She answers, Colosseum. Does it have something to do with the title?

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  1. John


    There is no way anyone can know what William Wyler had in his mind, so no one can answer that question.

    I do not look that deeply into the meanings of dialogue in such minor films. The film is not a deep, meaningful vehicle. It was purely entertainment, and not worthy of analysis. I think you can understand it very well.


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